Musicians and composers

In odd years, the honorary awards are granted to Danish musicians and composers. The awards are handed out in connection with a concert arranged by the foundation, during which as well compositions by Carl Nielsen as compositions by the recipients of the award are played.

The honorary award to musicians and composers was granted for the first time in 1959 and amounted to DKK 15,000. The First recipient was professor and composer Vagn Holmboe. In total 68 musicians and composers have received honorary awards from the foundation.

The next time honorary awards will be granted to musicians and composers will not be until 2022. I.e. awards will be granted to sculptors in both 2020 and 2021, which is due to the planned Anne Marie exhibition at the Glyptoteket in September 2021.

Year and musician / composer
1959: Professor Vagn Holmboe
1961: Conductor Thomas Jensen
1963: Composer Bernhard Lewkovitch
1965: Composer Niels Viggo Bentzon
1965: Composer Poul Rovsing Olsen
1967: Composer Thomas Koppel
1969: Composer Per Nørgaard
1971: Composer Ib Nørholm
1973: Professor Erling Bløndal Bengtsson
1973: Composer Pelle Gudmundsen-Holmgreen
1974: Violinist Emil Telmanyi
1975: Conductor Ole Schmidt
1977: Composer Mogens Winkel Holm
1979: Professor Herman D. Koppel
1981: Composer Svend Nielsen
1981: Conductor John Frandsen
1983: Composer Finn Høffding
1985: Composer Svend Erik Tarp
1987: Composer Poul Ruders
1987: Concert conductor Anton Kontra
1989: Composer Axel Borup-Jørgensen
1989: Composer Hans Abrahamsen
1989: Singer Mette Ejsing
1989: Professor, fløjetenist Poul Birkelund
1991: Conductor Thomas Vetö
1991: Oboist Bjørn Carl Nielsen
1991: Composer Erik Norby
1991: Composer, professor Karl Aage Rasmussen
1991: Composer Bent Sørensen
1993: Composer Niels Rosing-Schow
1993: Composer Erik Højsgaard
1993: Solo clarinetist Niels Thomsen
1995: Composer, docent Bent Lorentzen
1995: Composer Ivar Frounberg
1995: Pianist, docent Anne Øland
1997: Composer Bernhard Lewkovitch
1997: Composer Anders Nordentoft
1997: Conductor Michael Schønwandt
1999: Organist, professor Grethe Krogh
1999: Composer, professor Jørgen Jersild
1999: Composer Palle Mikkelborg
2001: Composer Tage Nielsen
2001: Composer Per Nørgaard
2001: Violinist Nikolaj Znaider
2003: Conductor Thomas Dausgaard
2003: Composer Pelle Gudmundsen Holmgreen
2005: Opera singer Bo Skovhus
2005: Opera singer Inger Dam Jensen
2005: Composer Karsten Fundal
2007: Composer Ole Buck
2007: Pianist Elisabeth Westenholz
2009: Violinist Serguei Azizian
2009: Composer Ib Nørholm
2009: Composer Anders Brødsgaard
2011: Composer Finn Savery
2011: Composer Thomas Agerfeldt Olesen
2011: Violinist Frederik Øland
2011: Violinist Tousgaard
2011: Bratschist Asbjørn Nørgaard
2011: Cellist Frederik Sjölin
2013: Composer Simon Steen Andersen
2013: Opera singer Henriette Bonde-Hansen
2015: Composer Juliana Hodkinson
2015: Composer John Frandsen
2015: Musician Andreas Brantelid
2017: Musician Ulla Miilmann
2017: The Nighingale String Quartet
2017: Composers Birgitte Alsted and Line Tjørnhøj